Chappelle Gardens

The Chappelle Gardens apartment community has been home for the last year and a half, and it was an absolute pleasure living there! The building is beautiful and maintained really well thanks to Joel. I want to thank Sunny for going above and beyond for me and for always being so accommodating. I have nothing but great things to say about my rental experience! Great building, community, and amazing management 

Alexys (Chappelle Gardens)

We lived in Chappelle Gardens apartments for just about a year and have nothing but great things to say about it! Anyone who came to visit us couldn’t believe how clean the building was, right down to the stairwells which are high traffic areas for dogs and humans! Joel did amazing work keeping everything clean and working properly. Sunny always addressed my concerns immediately – I would no sooner hit send on an email and he’d call me to work out a solution. Good landlords are hard to come by and he is definitely the best! The building felt like a community and it was great to be a part of, we are sad to leave!

Ang (Chappelle Gardens)

I’ve lived in a one bedroom at Chappelle Gardens for a year now and am happily renewing my lease and transferring to a two bedroom in the same building. The management is helpful, honest and reliable. The community is a great place to live in and my dog loves all the walking trails. And I actually know my neighbours’ names!

Caelea (Chappelle Gardens)

Most reliable property company! Lived here for almost 2 years and never had any issues. Great community to live in! Highly recommend for anyone.

Nicole  (Chappelle Gardens) 

I love being a resident of Chappelle Gardens in Edmonton.Building is clean and very quiet.The manager is a good man.I am glad I chose this place to call home.Keep up the good job!

Nicky (Chappelle Gardens)

Silverstone Terrace

After renting a condo from GSK, I’d rate my experience with them a 5/5 because of my landlord/manager (Sunny) and operator (Joel). These two gentlemen are professional, respectful and relatable. I truly appreciate their kindness and promptness to work with clients.THANK YOU!

Krissa (Silverstone Terrace)

I lived in the Silverstone Terrace building and would highly recommend living in one of their buildings. Their managers were always quick to respond to any issues. SST was also a really small building so it was mostly quiet. 

Rebekah (Silverstone)

Nova Villa

I enjoyed living in nova villa apartment quiet place to live.  We would definitely stay longer, but I was transferred with my work.

Definitely recommend this place for future renters! 

Mohamed (Nova Villa)

Nice management very clean and organized and the landlord. Manager is very easy going person and helpful to tenant I recommend this apartment to those people that are looking to rent. 

Ritc(Nova Villa)

It is sad to say goodbye to this beautiful, safe and friendly environment apartment.i lived here for 2 years i had no issues at all. the management(company) is great,highly recommended.

Rei (Nova Villa) 

Lived two years at nova villa very happy with building.caretaker was excellent always responded immediately when contacted. highly recommend this company 

Bill (Nova Villa)